Well Designed Programs

The Department designs the programs according to the market demand that is forecasted by National Science Committee and the Institute for Information Industry. Currently we have two programs: Communication andInformation Technology.

High quality teaching

  1. In order to enhance the student’s programming ability, all students have to pass the “programming skill examination” before graduation.

  2. Lecturers usually adopt teaching materials in English to strengthen the students’ English ability.

  3. The selection of teaching materials is up to the instructors. However, the committee of program design has to go through it before making an approval.

  4. The introduction and outline of all the courses are in bilingual (Chinese and English).

  5. The lecturers apply tests, reports and homework assignments to understand the status of students all the time. Hence they are able to evaluate the suitability of teaching materials.

  6. The lecturers utilize the equipments of information technology, digitization materials and all kinds of computer software and hardware to promote the student’s learning.

  7. Reasonable amount of assignments, reports and tests are required to promote student’s learning. This enables students to learn more practical techniques other than pure theory learning.

  8. The process of a implementing a project is designed to train the system integration ability of students and also enhance the skills of writing a technical report. Furthermore, the students also learn how to solve practical problem by themselves and how to cooperate in teamwork.

  9. We also help those who are behind classes by giving them extra time after classes. The ones who perform well in classes are chosen to be the instructors of their classmates.